NEST Opens Up Opportunities for International Staff

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Even before the pandemic wreaked havoc in 2020, NEST had been at the forefront of WFH culture and a remote team. The esports company believes that having international and domestic staff at work broadens the horizons of business. And now, National Esports Tournament is welcoming international workers.

Its 2021 and NEST aims to build a global community and break all geographical barriers. With global expansion comes a global flow of ideas. David Cottrell, the Commissioner at NEST commented, “I truly believe the international community has a lot to bring to the table and excluding them solely based on geographical location is not fair, forward-thinking, or at all keeping with the times.” Considering the recent bulge in the esports industry and the constant surge in revenue, having a global team is a smart move. Gradually, NEST wants to develop the esports scene globally and smoothen things out for players across the globe. A globally connected community will also bring forward diverse ideas. From an accessibility point of view, the global expansion will amp up accessibility. “We are building a massive community and having more input to allow us to expand properly and also increase accessibility which is crucial,” said David Cottrell. If you’re looking to start a career in esports, watch out for job openings at NEST. 

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