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Interested in a career in Esports but don’t know where to start? NEST volunteers are granted a great opportunity to help during major functions, learn
marketable skills, and get insight with the esports industry.

NEST offers a great volunteer program which can help you get into the esports industry or transfer your skills to other jobs. We offer some of the best
opportunities where you get to directly impact the operations of NEST events, tournaments, and other exciting projects. Sometimes working alongside
executive staff members, volunteers also are looked at more favorably for internal job opportunities. So whether it’s getting a great recommendation to
your next job, or getting your name known in Esports, our volunteer program is sure to get you the experience you need.

Worldwide / Remote Esport CAREERS

Convince us why you should be part of the NEST team! If you don’t see your specialty listed here, but you have years of  professional experience, are really talented at what you do, and possess a skill set that would help us create better products
and experiences for our audience, submit your resume and cover letter to info@nesthq.ca



Graphic Design Interns are part of the Media Division. Graphic design interns build their reputation, portfolio, and skillset by directly partaking in the creation of marketing materials. Your creations could be seen by thousands of people giving you the expertise to crafting the most eye-catching campaigns. Interns are given the rare opportunity to be supported in creative freedom and design.


  • Partake in meetings with the Creative Director
  • Have direct ability to draft and create creative campaigns
  • Provide input on designs and graphic draft
  • Complete any requirements as requested from school program (If applicable)


  • Interest in graphic design, art, creative design or other relevant field
  • Enrolled in a relevant program
  • Interest in Esports
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience using media editing software
  • Experience using Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign


Social Media Interns are part of the Media Division. Interns get the opportunity to be introduced to the professional Esports industry routine and operations, giving direct and relevant experience. Tasks range from the specific skillset of the intern and can be used to gain more hands-on experience as well as merit within Esports.


  • Partake in learning the functions of the division
  • Obtain direct hands-on experience within media and broadcasting
  • Conduct various social media related daily tasks
  • Complete any requirements as requested from school program (If applicable)


  • Interest in media/broadcast/journalism
  • Enrolled in a relevant program
  • Interest in Esports
  • Ability to work independently
  • Experience using social media effectively


Content creators provide the framework for new media content. Primary responsibilities include drafting, presenting, and executing media production ideas that peak and engage audience interest. Creators work both within ideas given to them as well as coming up with their own creative projects.

To succeed at being a content creator, imagination and boldness is required. NEST is looking for unique ways to engage with our audience members, and content creators are the ones to figure out the best way to do that through digital media. Creators can rest easy knowing that they will have the ability to run their own projects and experiment.


  • Present content ideas to the Division head and Executive
  • Provide strategies to maximize viewership
  • Write scripts and provide framing ideas for the production team
  • View, edit, and produce finalized pieces of work
  • Provide consistent content
  • Draft and produce marketable material for the Media Division
  • Create unique productions


  • Experience or education in media related field
  • Ability to communicate ideas clearly
  • Ability to work under tight schedules
  • Non-stop creative mindset
  • Knowledge on media production and design
  • Working knowledge of video editing suites like Sony, adobe premiere, After Effects, etc…


Casters are some of the most recognizable faces of our organization. This puts you on the front-line of engagement with our broad audiences and requires you to truly want to be, in the moment. A caster is expected to be a quick thinker and a good personality that makes people feel like the interactive is genuine. Casters can expect to receive exclusive interviews, first hands-on experiences, and the ability to really get behind the scenes of some of the biggest trends in Esports.


  • Host streaming NEST tournaments and events
  • Engage the audience in the action
  • Provide commentary and play-by-play
  • Give the audience knowledge and information to keep them in the loop


  • Able to maintain a high-level of energy for extended periods of time
  • Experienced being in front of the camera and with audiences
  • Proficient degree of knowledge within the Esports industry
  • Ability to think on the fly
  • Comfortable engaging with people

Are you looking to convert your love of gaming into a life of gaming? NEST is looking for esport pro’s and streamers who are looking to become recognized in their field. If you have a great personality and enjoy connecting with your viewers, let us know!

What is expected:

  • Consistency of streams
  • Promotion of NEST brand and NEST events
  • Willingness and determination to build a following
  • Ability to follow directions and ambition to learn
  • Agreement on revenue collected by NEST

What may be provided:

  • Logistical, expertise, and advisement
  • Priority access to NEST Mercenaries (Creative designers, web developers, marketers, etc…)
  • Sponsorships
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Training and development
  • Collaboration opportunities on NEST projects
  • Industry insights and advanced information
  • Giveaway promotional products
  • Contests and prizes
  • Access to NEST events
  • Connection to other NEST Newcomers and business networks
  • Early access to NEST technology
  • Shared access to licenses obtained by NEST
  • Content guidance and scripting
  • Business and monetization scaling assistance

Event volunteers

Esport Event Volunteers are essential personnel during tournaments, conferences, and exhibitions. This is a great way to see behind-the-scenes and get involved in a meaningful way. With so many tasks to be done you jobs will most likely vary during the day which gives a great experience for those looking to get into logistics, management, and leadership roles.


  • Assist with setup and tear down of events
  • Provide vendors and exhibitors help when requested
  • Direct patrons to seating, food, etc…
  • Answer general questions related to the event and organizations
  • Act as a front-line ambassador
  • Partake in the general running of the events
  • Take on various duties throughout the events


  • Ability to stand for long periods of time
  • Enjoy interacting with the public and being at Esports events
  • Ability to work under tight schedules
  • Quick thinking and ability to take charge when needed
  • Eager to learn
  • Relevant experience in events, event management, or related field an asset

Note to applicants

NEST may share applications internally to other divisions for possible opportunities. Please ensure your contact information is up to date.

Fair Standards STATEMENT

This charter is to provide clarity and understanding of our newly established commitment to fair standards and equal treatment for all
persons, while recognizing race, religion, ethnicity, culture, background, gender, or otherwise distinctive aspects, hidden or apparent.

Hereby National Esports Tournament (NEST) commits to:

• Establishing fair, equal, and accessible application processes for all persons
• Providing equal treatment to all persons that may require or request help and assistance
• Ensuring no person shall be blocked, hindered, or otherwise held back in their pursuit of advancement and opportunity
• Improving personal safety and security standards for all persons equally
• Providing a platform, where concerns can be voiced and suggestions for improvement will be acknowledged and taken into serious consideration
• Acting immediately and bearing witness to situations where any person is subject to discriminatory treatment whilst providing a testimony
when needed
• Devoting time to the creation of programs that are aimed at connecting disparaged and disadvantaged communities to opportunities
that may not usually be made available to them
• Condemning actions that incite hatred, division, or discrimination towards any person or group
• Allowing all persons the right to dignity and respect
• Working with people and organizations both internally and externally, to gain a better understanding of effective methods to combat negative behaviours
• Understanding the positive effects of maintaining a workplace culture that is diverse and inclusive.

This charter, as signed by current governing bodies, taught, and understood by following leaders, and distributed to members of NEST,
shall take effect immediately on the date of (2020-07-17) and shall stand enduringly and interminably.

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