NEST Quests Launches!

Do you miss the vibrant lights and noises of gaming arcades? We might have a solution for that…

Get paid for that perfect parallel park in Bahamas Mamas. Throw a mean punch and get awarded for it. Dominated the Vanguard lobby and get some cool merch.

Because, NEST makes it all count!

Wait, are you saying I’d win rewards for playing games?

Yes, we believe that playing games shouldn’t necessarily be competitive. For once, you can win without a PvP.

Take up a task, clear it before the clock ticks up, and win amazing prizes. For every mission that you accomplish, you earn some NEST points.

You can trade the NEST points for a cool pair of headphones or any product that you want from the NEST website.

Sounds cool. Sign me up!

  • Head over to NEST Quests – https://nesthq1.wpengine.com/nest-quests/
  • Pick a task.
  • Note the objective.
  • Finish your task ASAP!
  • Record a clip and send it to us. – https://forms.gle/h4jhprbhPURYyAB99
  • We will post the top clips and announce the winner of the challenge
  • If you win wait for the NEST points to make their way to you!

It’s that easy!

How do I know if I’m eligible?

Well, you need to be –

  • 18+ years
  • Residing in US or Canada
  • Have a NEST account

Go ahead and sign up on NEST. Get some missions accomplished right away. It’s arcade-style fun with a new-age twist.

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