National Esports Tournament Launches Esports Management Program

National Esports Tournament is all set to get the EMP (Esports Management Program) rolling very soon. The esports company has always been at the forefront of esports management and acts as a kingmaker.

EMP aims to help leaders, businesses, e-athletes, streamers, content creators, and gamers to settle into the esports business environment.

Of course, not everybody can afford executive-level management courses. Therefore, taking this into consideration, NEST will be offering free content frequently. Experts at NEST will answer some popular queries to help gaming enthusiasts with their endeavors.

“Business in this industry involves a lot of mistakes, mistakes even we have made or seen. Our hope is that we can help others avoid those tricky spots and focus more on moving forward,” says David Cottrell, Commissioner at NEST.

National Esports Tournament wants to bring together the gaming community and keep it tied together. The company will act as a platform to connect gamers and provide networking opportunities.

On this, the Commissioner commented, “It’s important we help out the community grow and develop their concepts otherwise we won’t see their potentially game-changing ideas.”

NEST will soon be conducting live streams and live class events for esports and gaming enthusiasts.

Stay ahead of time and book the dates! Sign up on NEST’s discord to get notified about all the important events. Get invitations to special events, programs, seminars, and much more!

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