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Running Esport Tournaments in 3 steps

Running Esport Tournaments in 3 steps

3 simple steps to get your Esports Tournament started   It’s all fun and games they say, but what they don’t tell you…

How to revitalize your love of video games

How to revitalize your love of video games

Get  back playing the games you love We get it, it’s been a while since you played a video game that you loved.…

Is the Battlefield series dead?

Is the Battlefield series dead?

The Battlefield series is one of the most successful game franchises in the history of gaming, with over 100 million copies sold worldwide…

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As the esports industry grows, so does our partner list.
NEST is proud to team up with some of the most forward thinking companies and organizations that continue to advocate and support the esports community.

Working towards a better future for all Canadian citizens. Citizen is a political organization that supports the Esports industry and sees it as the future of the Canadian economy.

Ensuring Canadians receive everyday essentials at a fair price. Davannic Imports sells all the items that you need and some you just have to have.

Seeking the best Esports job and volunteer opportunities? Esports XP is your place to find your dream job, level up those skills, and get that gold.



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