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Questions & ANswers

How do I participate in a NEST quest?Participation is simple and fast process. In order to be eligible for NEST Quest's all you have to do is sign up for a NEST account!
How does the process of completing a quest work?Depending on the quest most of them will require you to upload a video clip to social media and submit that link to us via the method provided on the specific quest. Out team will then find the winners and award accordingly.
What can I use NEST credits for?Our store page has a number of redeemable products that you can use your NEST Credits towards, whether its upgrade or new equipment we will continue to add more redeemable prizes periodically.
Are NEST Credits crypto?NEST Credits are not any type of crypto not attached with type of cyrpto exchanges. This means you will not have to worry about value fluctuations like you see in the stock or crypto market.
How do I know National Esports Tournament is legitimate?NEST has been in operation since 2019 with Federal Registration in Canada. NEST has worked with both private businesses and governments from different levels. Our Commissioner has good standing within the community and is engaged actively to enhance the security and safety of our users.

National Esports Tournament is focused on providing you with a fun, safe, and legal experience. If you have information regarding suspicious activities or have concerns about our operations please let us know at info@devnesthq.jupiter-cdn.com. Your feedback in these matter are important to us to keep our community functioning and secure.
How do I know the winner are real and the quests are not rigged?In order to win credits users will have to submit some basic information such as social media handles which must be published in accordance with our transparency rules. There will never be an anonymous winner with no information.
I don't have a large social media presence, does that hurt my chances of winning?Social media following is not taken in as a qualifying factor. In fact, participation in our quests could lead to more exposure, increase your followers, help obtain sponsorship/partnerships, or even give you some virality (the good kind).

Our focus is on the content and the quality of it.
Do you accept NEST Quest suggestions?Of course! We want to hear from our community, so drop us a suggestion in our suggestion box here:

My question isn't answered here, HELP!Email your question to info@devnesthq.jupiter-cdn.com , if it become a frequent question we will be sure to add it here!
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