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“Every age has it’s storytelling form, and video games are a huge part of our culture”

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“Every age has it’s storytelling form, and video games are a huge part of our culture”


NEST was founded to ensure that the players and the fans are kept at the forefront of major decision making. The core
beliefs are reinforced by actual players running the organization who take direct feedback to continuously improve.

With so many content creators, streamers, Esports players, and game developers, it can be extremely difficult to become
noticed. NEST began with the strategy to become the entry for people and organizations looking to make the next big step in the industry. Starting with fun and casual tournaments for entry-level players to hone their skills, NEST provided a space where
games could feel the adrenaline rush of true competition. Then expanding into the broadcasting world, NEST provided
streamers the management they needed to increase their content quality.

Finally, and if not most importantly, NEST began making partnerships with developers and industry innovators.
Expanding the opportunities to gamers and cultivating a more cohesive community locally, nationally, and internationally.
We ensure that our growth always has firm roots within gaming and not just business.

Meet the Team

NEST staff are some of the most seasoned specialists from self-made business owners, government sector experts, and private business professionals. Striving to ensure that players recieve the level of service they deserve. If you need to contact our staff please use the contact form and let us know who you are trying to reach.



- Federal Party Director of Citizen Party with years of Federal operations experience
- Active investor/trader with previous business ownership experience
- Numerous years of gaming experience from its infancy in DOS



- Social media planner, resulting in 50,000+ Facebook followers and over 20,000+ Instagram followers for ecommerce and consumer brands
- Implemented successful marketing campaigns enabling 50,000/month in sales within first three months
- Experienced in growing venture's sales to 7 million/year



- Exclusive in-house creative designer
- Knowledge of adobe suite, HTML5, CSS and JS
- Received Edge Imagining Award for exceptional proficiency in media production across all visual mediums



- Experienced Brand Ambassador for HP-OMEN, Audi, FCA Auto, General Motors and Canadian Tire
- Worked events at EGLX, Hackathon, and Northern Arena Tournaments
- Worked non-profit in logistics operations for the Canadian community support foundation



- Managed Broadcasts for Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh, and major financial institutions, B2B, Law Firms, and the like across Canada and the US
- Experienced in small business growth and development
- Incredibly passionate about eSports and engaging gaming-related content

Mariana Ferreira


- Project Manager for Canadian, US and European Start-ups and SMES
- International Affairs and Business Relations Writer and Content Creator
- Experienced executive and administrative assistant

Our Commitment

This charter is to provide clarity and understanding of our newly established commitment to fair standards and equal treatment for all
persons, while recognizing race, religion, ethnicity, culture, background, gender, or otherwise distinctive aspects, hidden or apparent.

Hereby National Esports Tournament (NEST) commits to:

• Establishing fair, equal, and accessible application processes for all persons
• Providing equal treatment to all persons that may require or request help and assistance
• Ensuring no person shall be blocked, hindered, or otherwise held back in their pursuit of advancement and opportunity
• Improving personal safety and security standards for all persons equally
• Providing a platform, where concerns can be voiced and suggestions for improvement will be acknowledged and taken into serious consideration
• Acting immediately and bearing witness to situations where any person is subject to discriminatory treatment whilst providing a testimony
when needed
• Devoting time to the creation of programs that are aimed at connecting disparaged and disadvantaged communities to opportunities
that may not usually be made available to them
• Condemning actions that incite hatred, division, or discrimination towards any person or group
• Allowing all persons the right to dignity and respect
• Working with people and organizations both internally and externally, to gain a better understanding of effective methods to combat negative behaviours
• Understanding the positive effects of maintaining a workplace culture that is diverse and inclusive.

This charter, as signed by current governing bodies, taught, and understood by following leaders, and distributed to members of NEST,
shall take effect immediately on the date of (2020-07-17) and shall stand enduringly and interminably.


NEST is an organization with a strong focus on professionalism

Free Thinking

We want new and innovative ideas, NEST prides itself to be a place where your input matters

Competitive Pay​

Our staff invest a lot in to helping us progress our goals, we believe in investing in our staff

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