National Esports Tournament Update

National Esports Tournament (Rediscover the Gamer in You)


NEST is not just an organization. It’s a team of passionate gamers who have come together to recreate the arcade experience with an ultra-modern twist. We want to create a digital space with a ‘gamer-first’ approach.

Be it content creators or e-athletes, we want to cater to all their needs. NEST has an affiliate program, NEST quests, esports management courses, and more – all for gamers!

And the best news is that we’ll be backed by the government.

Stuff we’re proud of –

We have achieved some of the goals we had planned and we’re proud to present those.

  • We got NEST Quests running in Alpha!
  • Steady surge in funding and more on the way
  • Increase in user registrations (NEST family is growing!)
  • Website revamp (because change is good)

Work Culture

2022 is all ready for metaverse and digital land NFTs. In such times, a dull office and 9 to 5 work hours seem quite yesterday.

  • NEST is pandemic-proof. We were hiring remote employees even before WFH was a thing.
  • As our operations are global, NEST runs 24/7. We aim for uncompromised efficiency but with steady work-life balance. We offer flexible work hours and we’re never in a hurry.
  • We like new ideas; even the bad ones. We encourage our team to share their thoughts and get creative.
  • We’ve got a cool Discord server that’s buzzing with memes and energy. And yes, that’s where our Avengers assemble every day.

Future Goals (Our ‘To-Do’ for 2022)

  • Get the Digital Arcade going! Currently, our NEST quests are in the Alpha testing stage. We are planning to set them rolling in a few months.
  • Host online esports tournaments – Since the globe has already gone online, we decided to take the tournaments online too. This year, we are planning to host a few action-packed tournaments online.
  • Get Creative – We want the gaming community to be in sync with the latest updates. For this, we are working on creating a weekly newsletter to keep you tuned in to what’s hot.
  • Go Global – Hire new members from across the planet; because gaming has no geographical boundaries!
  • Offer Promising careers – NEST doesn’t just hire employees to do mundane 9 to 5 tasks. We offer a promising, future-proof career with a wide scope for growth. And no, we don’t do 9 to 5.
  • Acquire partners – As we’re expanding rapidly, we need more partners to help us out with the regular to-dos and more.

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