National Esports Tournament Update

Rediscover the Gamer in You Together With National Esports Tournament  

NEST is not just an organization. It’s a team of passionate gamers who have come together to recreate the arcade experience with an ultra-modern twist. We want to create a digital space with a ‘gamer-first’ approach.

Be it content creators or e-athletes, we want to cater to all their needs. NEST has an affiliate program, NEST quests, esports management courses, and more – all for gamers!

And the best news is that we’ll be backed by the government.


Stuff We're proud of

We have achieved some of the goals we had planned and we’re proud to present those.

  • We got NEST Quests running in Alpha!
  • The steady surge in funding and more on the way
  • Increase in user registrations (NEST family is growing!)
  • Website revamp (because change is good)

Our Work Culture

In 2022 is all ready for metaverse and digital land NFTs. Therefore, in such times, a dull office and 9 to 5 work hours seem quite yesterday.

  • NEST is pandemic-proof. We were hiring remote employees even before WFH was a thing.
  • As our operations are global, NEST runs 24/7. We aim for uncompromised efficiency but with a steady work-life balance.
  • We offer flexible work hours and we’re never in a hurry.
  • We like new ideas; even the bad ones. We encourage our team to share their thoughts and get creative.
  • Our cool Discord server that’s buzzing with memes and energy. And yes, that’s where our Avengers assemble every day.

Future Goals for 2022

  • Get the Digital Arcade going! Currently, our NEST quests are in the Alpha testing stage. We are planning to set them rolling in a few months.
  • Host online esports tournaments – Since the globe has already gone online, we decided to take the tournaments online too. This year, we are planning to host a few action-packed tournaments online.
  • Get Creative – We want the gaming community to be in sync with the latest updates. For this, we are working on creating a weekly newsletter to keep you tuned in to what’s hot.
  • Go Global – Hire new members from across the planet; because gaming has no geographical boundaries!
  • Offer Promising careers – NEST doesn’t just hire employees to do mundane 9 to 5 tasks. We offer a promising, future-proof career with a wide scope for growth. And no, we don’t do 9 to 5.
  • Acquire partners – As we’re expanding rapidly, we need more partners to help us out with the regular to-dos and more.

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