NEST Receives Increased Funding for 2022

2021 has been a big year for games and esports, and that has favored us well! The NEST team has been working behind-the-scenes on their desks throughout the pandemic. And now all the efforts are paying off.

One of our biggest achievements has been the Alpha testing of the NEST Quests. We launched the blog section with a bang-on long-form post. Not to mention that our website got an ultra-modern makeover. And, as always, we have been hunting talent on a global scale.

Due to all the hustle, National Esports Tournament has seen a steady surge in funding. Investors are keen on

Now, what does this mean for the gaming enthusiasts –

  • More mentorship and management programs on the way
  • More action-packed esports tournaments
  • Bigger and better prizes
  • New ways to reward our loyal customers

And much more!

David Cottrell, the founder of NEST, commented “gamers are being neglected and treated poorly, we want to roll out the red carpet for them and ensure they are getting rewarded for their business.”

Since day one, National Esports Tournament has followed a ‘gamer-first’ approach. The team wants to treat gamers fairly and reward them for their contribution. To understand the esports business better, NEST has a range of mentorship programs for the game enthusiasts.

NEST has big things coming up for 2022 and the boosted funds is just the start.


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