Esports Tournament Creation & Management

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Esports tournaments are million dollar operations that are in huge demand right now. Learn how to organize and manage events so you too can run your own profitable events.

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The Esports tournament market and events industry has exploded with bustling activity. With so many games competing for attention, vendors looking for space, and a lack of professional services, now is the time to become a leader of events and tournaments.

In this course you will learn how the multi-billion dollar organizations do it, understanding the fundamentals and structuring of a great tournament format, the major considerations you have to have prepared in advance, and we talk a bit more about how to market your event.

Ensure your next esports event is a success, grab this course and easily get started!


Our courses are designed to aid you in becoming an industry success with potential to:

-Save years off learning through trial and error by using our experience to grow your business
-Create a new career ladder with higher income and profitability
-Become fulfilled in a career that you tailor to yourself
-Master the secret art of business and corporate ownership and gain respect from your success
-Become a well known industry leader and shake hands with influential people


Full Curriculum:

  • The Basics
    • Understand how the professionals organize so you can plan to expand
  • Understanding tournament brackets
    • Organizing an event is one thing, making sure it runs smoothly and on time is another completely. This section covers the types of brackets used to run various types of tournaments and talks about the pros and cons of each.
  • Creating a Fair and Fun Tournament
    • In order to be seen as a legitimate tournament provider you must ensure that things are done fairly and efficiently. This module goes over the basics of ensuring that and the workarounds for when you need to make something unique and fun.
  • Final Preparations
    • The final decisions to be made before launching your tournament

Over 1 hour of video content

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