Running Esport Tournaments in 3 steps

3 simple steps to get your Esports Tournament started


It’s all fun and games they say, but what they don’t tell you is the incredible work and effort that goes on behind running a successful esports tournament. If it were as simple as point and click then everybody would be running their own esports organization.

Whether you’re creating an in person tournament or doing it online there are 3 very simple steps to help you get started in creating a successful tournament. These steps apply to all games such as First-person shooters like (Valorant, Overwatch, Call of duty,), racing, sport, RTS, and really any other game ever created. Here’s how you get started

Step 1 – Gather your teams

You might thin its a no brainer but starting a tournament requires esport players. If you’ve never started a tournament or don’t have a community readily available, you will have to gather the teams for the chosen game. Depending on the game you may need to find a lot of players, This is especially true for team games. Your tournament size also determines how much time and effort you may need to go to. Join communities, post on forums, and start telling people to spread the word. You don’t need a massive budget to get this done just the will and determination

Step 2 – Set the Rules

Tournaments usually go on without to much of a hitch. However, there can be some disputes among the players regarding what is allowed and what isn’t. It is incredibly important you establish the rules of the game beyond what is just obvious. Perhaps there’s a vantage point considered unbalanced, maybe the game could run to long, or a need to establish sportsmanship standards.

Regardless of the reasons you need to be prepared for everything and anything. Your events can run for a very long time but one way to shorten them is to ensure that the rules are followed.

Once you establish your rules do not bend them. It may be seen as giving other players an unfair advantage.

Step 3 – Organize your team

Running a tournament usually requires more than one person. This can depend if your esports tournament has camera operators, broadcast managers, casters, guests, or any other type of tournament staff. Your staff usually work as hard as you do and its important you maintain a strong team. They may not all be skilled to do everything but they should be specialists who know how to get things done.

Don’t work alone! Pulling volunteers from the gaming community is often a good idea. However they may not always be experienced. You may have to take the time to teach them the basics or advanced procedure.


If you are run a larger tournament, it might be best to hire some professional esport staff. They are usually more ready and able to determine problems and fix them out of sheer experience. Keep in mind you don’t necessarily need to run an international grand cup.

If you are still interested in running your own esport tournaments or organization you can check out our courses here. The cover how the tournaments work to building up you own esports empire!

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