How to revitalize your love of video games

Get  back playing the games you love

We get it, it’s been a while since you played a video game that you loved. It’s easy to get into a rut and lose interest in something that you once enjoyed. Perhaps it is your newer games that are getting stale or maybe you need a quick way to reignite your love for all things video game related. So what can you do?

Well we have put together a program that might help you get that spark back. It called NEST Quests.

What is a NEST Quest?

Quite simply put its a challenge we put out to all gamers to deliver on an objective we have set in various games. It could be as simple as getting the most amazing kill streak, a crazy stunt, perhaps the last minute win. Who knows? They change constantly.

Why do a NEST Quest?

Beyond the fact that we will add some spice and a challenge to your gameplay, you can earn NEST Points.

What are NEST Points?

My you are inquisitive, but that is a good thing! NEST Points are points that can be collected and put towards any of our redeemable prizes. Collect enough and redeem from our every-growing catalogue.

Don’t see something your like? That’s fine, save them up and wait for the rotation of prizes that we will cycle through. There is always something for everybody.

We have some of our own products, some hardware, gaming equipment, and whatever else is in big demand. You can work your way up to a new streamer deck or better headset.

Does it cost money to participate?

We have several challenges that require absolutely no money to participate in. As long as you are a NEST member signed up with us you can compete in our challenges. There may be some restricted challenges but we will ensure that there is always one that you are eligible for that is free to participate in.

There are a few requirements in order to be eligible for a quest which usually requires you to:

  1. Submit clips to us via youtube, twitch, or other media hosting website
  2. Some basic information like name, age, location etc (This is just for us)
  3. Any social media you would like us to blast out to the audience

If there are any other requirements we will ensure that it is listed on the challenges.

So instead of figuring out what to play, let NEST nudge you in getting that passion back in gaming so you can get back to playing games, earning points, and redeeming for prizes!

Sign up today so you don’t miss out!

You can also earn points by purchasing from our shop as well.

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