5 Skills You Develop Playing Esports Games

Maybe it was from the top of the stairs you could hear your parent’s yelling. “STOP PLAYING THOSE VIDEO GAMES! THEY WILL ROT YOUR BRAIN!”.

Whether you are an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC player; all those hours in Esports tournaments might actually be paying off in a big way. For gamers its about having fun but did you know the more you game the more you are actually developing these essential skills?

1. Communication

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Okay so yelling into your microphone at kids in Minecraft might not be the best example, but when you are planning that strategic landing in Apex Legends, PubG, or Fortnite with your team you will need a plan. You might not realize it but the more you chat and socialize the more communication skills you are developing. You need to make those critical call outs to where you see the enemy and “over there by that thing” is not going to cut it. You need to know Kings Canyon in and out and the locations. You need to be specific and provide the correct communication to help your team to victory. Communicating more also helps you boost confidence in the *shudder* real world… Seriously though you may not notice it but every time you work on this it carries over!

2. Critical Thinking

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Essential in any RTS game is the ability to plan ahead and make strategy decisions. With Company of Heroes 3 coming out soon I am amped for the opportunity to start using my big brain skills. Having to multi-task, deliberate, utilize resources, plan attack and defences are all part of one essential skill. Some people break down at the though of having to multi-task but people who are building a Civilization in Civilization VI are used to the task of having to manage everything and anything. Being able to form a judgement is hard for most people but gaming can help you access that part of the brain and help you be more decisive in life. Although yes, I do realize there are times when you just sit and stare at that massive Steam store collection of games and do nothing. Choice overload right?

3. Teamwork

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Esports tournaments are very rarely solo venture and you need a team to play the game. Forming bonds with other people and understanding how they operate is essential. Who on your team is the best duelist? Sentinal? Valorant and Overwatch probably have the most intense teams working together to reach the top. You will notice that each member usually has a specific style but it works with with the other team. Its about knowing strengths and weaknesses and working with that to develop one powerful team unit from several  strong players. Teamwork can make or break a game and its important to know how to get along.

4. Hand and eye coordination

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All those hours stacked up in Call of Duty and Warzone may actually be beneficial after all! A study from the University of Toronto started pointing towards the benefits of video games had said that games like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed boost “sensorimotor skills”. So the next time you drop something off the table you might be able to catch it. Just don’t go out thinking you can be Altair all of a sudden.

5. Leadership

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A lot of people hate taking charge, which is interesting because in games it seems like most people want that role (except when it comes to choosing the drop location). With all the previous skills combined a lot of gamers are becoming excellent leaders providing that critical direction to help coordinate an esports team to move a certain way, act, and executive some insane last minute wins. Leadership is something you need to have practice at and most people aren’t very good to start. However gaming can help you feel more comfortable and confident in the role. Just remember to set the objective point.

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