NEST Points for merchants

National Esports Tournament is excited to announce that NEST Points will now be made available to merchants!

Thinking of upgrading your PC? Perhaps you want the latest merch? Perhaps your PC setup could use some better furnishings? Well NEST Points are coming to you in more ways than just one now!

What does this mean?

It means when you do business with any of our partnered merchants, you can earn NEST points that can be redeemed for prizes. This means you collect more points faster, easier, and at more merchants other than just us!

Our partnered merchants are ones we have especially selected for you to ensure that you are receiving the best customer service and quality products available. NEST will help you convert all those points you racked up from our NEST Quests, tournaments, and purchases from out site into products and services that you need.

For all interested Merchants please email us contact@nesthq.ca

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