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7 Reasons Why Gaming Is The Sport in 2022

Is gaming a sport? The answers to this question are different. Since people argue about the influence of gaming as a sport. Some of them say that it has only a negative impact while others are positive terms of gaming as a sport.

But the reality is that esports can affect both. However, in 2022 gaming is officially recognized as an Esports discipline.  Therefore,  through this article, we at NEST will shed a light on 7 reasons why gaming is the sport.

1. The NumbErs

Let’s start with some numbers first.  Over the last 10 years, the gaming industry has developed and become more popular. For example, some of the world’s most famous computer games such as Counter-Strike, Dota2, Fortnite, or The League of Legends year after year, hold large-scale international esports tournaments.

In fact, according to Liquipedia.net the Dota2 tournament “The International 2022” had an initial prize pool of $1,600,000. While a prize pool of $2,000,000 was reported by Esports.net for the CSGO PGL Major 2021 tournament.

As a result in our modern world gaming as a competitive sport is gaining huge popularity. By creating not only its own community but also esports teams and organizations.

But why is gaming considered a sport? Let’s take a closer look and find an answer to that question.

2. The Ability To earn a real money

It is not a secret that today the esports industry looks very attractive to investors and sponsors. As a result, earning real money by playing your favorite games starts to become more possible. In fact. most professional games get paid like other workers. However, the difference is that most of the Esport players truly enjoy and love what they are doing.

3. Being a Esport Player is trandy

We at NEST believe that gaming as a sport is yet far from its limits in terms of popularity and opportunities. However, being a professional esports player is a big achievement. Because globally, the gaming industry has always been on the list of trends. And as result, many celebrities are supporting and interested in gaming industry. Moreover, some of them even stream their gaming sessions.

4. The Chance To let people know your name

Generally speaking, being a professional gamer is basically the same as being a professional athlete in any other sports industry. Therefore, the secret to becoming famous within the industry is about working hard, loving what you do, and improving. Today, there are many well-known professional esports players from all around the world. And who knows, maybe you are the next one.

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5. The Ability To work in Team

Just like any other competitive team game, whether it is football, basketball, or hockey. Gaming can teach and improve the ability to work and cooperate in teams.  In fact, some of the most popular video games such as Dota2, Volornat Counter-Strike, or The League of Legends are focused on team gaming format. As a result, probably most of you know worldwide famous Esport teams such as Navi, Alliance, Team Liquid, or PSG LGD. 

6. Logical And Strategical Thinking

It is not a secret that many competitive games require to think logically or strategically. Thus, those professional teams have coaches and assistants who work on creating the most effective strategy to win the game. Moreover, each team has its own captain who leads the other team members during the game. Therefore within every single game comes the ability to think more logically. 

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7. Opportunities

Today, gaming as a sport opens up many other helpful and essential opportunities. Starting from scholarships that some colleges and universities grant to players and continuing with the innovational ideas for business and projects.

Play Games and do what you love

To conclude this post it makes sense to say that whether gaming is a hobby for you or a sport it is important to believe and love what you do. Form our own example of being just a group of enthusiasts who loves to play games, today we have created our project for each of you. Therefore, our NEST Quests Loyalty program soon will bring big opportunities to our loyal users. 

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