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NEST is excited to be launching a new project in conjunction with its long term Esports Management Program. As Eports continues to rise the demand for skilled people and people looking to use their skills increases as well. NEST has personally seen a skyrocketing amount of people looking to volunteer and start their esports careers. We hope to address that demand as we see more people move away from the traditional jobs into passion ones.

Now is the time for people to take advantage of the opportunities that exist out there and they need to do it now before it becomes overcrowded.

Commissioner David has stated:

“As we grow, we realize that there are other Esport companies out there that are just breaking ground or finally get some momentum and they need the tools and expertise to make it to that next level. This current project we are working on will help Esport teams, organizations, content creators, streamers, game developers and designers, and really a whole other load of positions that I could go on about. NEST only benefits from when the community at large is growing so we really hope this will help people out and we will expand what we are doing with it.

The release date of this new project has not yet been established but it is expected that it will b within the next month or two. For everybody interested in NEST’s plans be sure to sign up on our main site

The new website will be hosted on www.EsportEXP.com


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