Executive Division Careers

Reporting to:



  • Public Relations
  • Creative
  • Merchandise & Advertising
  • Community Development
  • Business Development
  • Media
  • Broadcast and Events
  • Finance and Efficiency
  • Advertising
  • Training & Advisory

The Executive Division is prioritized on cultivating a professional work environment, completing purpose driven objectives, and developing new ideas. Working here requires you to think several steps ahead to ensure that NEST is on the cutting edge of innovation.

When a problem arises, you must be first to the frontline to assess the situation and use advanced critical thinking skills, analytics, and leadership to bring about the best results possible. It can be best described as a mix of math, science, and psychology.

Executives are tasked with various major management projects that may be within:

  • High stress environments
  • Time-specific deadlines
  • Mass coordination and leadership drives
  • Competitive work environments with business competitors
  • Critical decision-making situations
  • Setback scenarios

Executives can expect long hours and challenging work in a meaningful work environment. However, this is not a “hustle” or “grind” culture workplace. We work to have free time, not use our free time to work. Working to maintain quality output and ensuring effective work habits is the Commissioner’s expectation of all Executive members.


  • Work in a purpose driven Esports environment creating new programs and initiatives
  • Have your say in the creative process, be a contributor, and help set new industry standards
  • Manage and work with international teams conducting research and development
  • Receive direction, mentorship, and leadership while having the ability to work independently
  • Cross communicate with the different divisions learning more skills and building your experience
  • Be treated as an adult, this is not an organization that micromanages
  • Work-life balance by enjoying “Eve and After Days” extended holidays
  • Remote work friendly
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