Bundle Esports CEO Leadership + Esports Team Leadership

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This package is for the professional that needs to learn to become a leader quickly and efficiently.

Each course provides the insight and training required to be a top tier leader. With roots in corporate, military, government, and private enterprise you will learn the most important aspects of becoming a leader as well learning to lead a team to victory. With our very own Commissioner guiding you through the most important aspects of leadership you will be able to train your team, provide them with objectives, learn to control and direct them, and most importantly always edging closer to winning at whatever goals you are needing to achieve.

These courses are still used for internal training in NEST and are referred back to often by our own professionals.

Bundle upgrade package includes:

Total value of 250$

Save 25% off the regular price of these courses by buying this bundle!

Our Guarantee:

If the content you purchased is not what you were expecting, you can request, within 30 days of your purchase of the content, that NEST apply a refund to your account. Please see Terms and Conditions for more details.

+ Earn 1875 NEST Points Bonus for your purchase of this product!


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