Mentorship for Esports Business: Should You Go For it?

It’s no secret that the esports industry is booming at a rapid pace. According to Statista, the global esports market is expected to soar a whopping 1.6 billion dollars till 2024. If you are passionate about video games, this is the right time to kick off your esports career!

Not everybody gets started off on the right foot. So far, there isn’t any concrete path that you can follow and get guaranteed success in esports. And obviously, a degree won’t get you anywhere here.

That’s why you should consider getting into a mentorship program for making it big in the esports!

1. It’s a relatively unexplored industry

Like we mentioned before, the industry is bloating and getting lucrative. But a vast proportion of it remains untouched and unexplored. Navigating the whole enchilada by yourself can be daunting.

Mentors have wandered through many paths of this labyrinth. They have tried, tested, and figured out ways of raking in profits. Besides, you also have to fend off the predatory giants and make way for yourself. Mentors can show you various ways in which you can tap in profits.

2.You don’t know what’s next

Navigating a seemingly vague market can be a slow process loaded with hits and misses. What works for others may not work for you. For instance, streaming games might not be your forte but hosting esports tournaments might be.

Further, you might start off as a competitive player but you might get a chance to shine in esports journalism. As the opportunities keep adding on, you never know what’s next for you. Who knows, you might bring about some innovation!

3. You might not have the right resources

Esports is more than playing games. The opportunities are literally limitless. You can be a top Twitch streamer, a pro competitive player, a gaming writer, esports journalist, and even a tournament host. But to make it big, you need to be familiar with the process.

For instance, to host an esports tournament, you need sponsors, advertisers, players, a venue, and much more alongside a solid budget. As a beginner, you won’t have a strong network or an established presence. Mentors can smoothen this journey and help you get started.

4. Knowing stuff always helps

You don’t have to be a know-it-all to start a business or enter the esports industry. However, having some idea always helps. Imagine, you have colors and a canvas but you don’t know how to paint. That’s what it feels like when you meet gamers and don’t know what ‘nerf’ means.

Your mentor can keep you from getting embarrassed. They can get you acquainted with the gaming jargon and all the mumbo-jumbo. They can get you started from the scratch.

5. Get Connected to the Right People

As it goes with any industry, networking is important in esports too. However, the gaming community is more than just a bunch of important-looking executives.

There are streamers, competitive players, casual gamers, writers, journalists, content creators, aspiring entrepreneurs, and even potential investors. You are bound to make some diverse connections here.

The winning formula looks something like  –
Passion + Opportunity + Guidance = Envious Career

At NEST, we give you the guidance that will lead you to abundance of opportunities. Develop leadership, team spirit, and upscale your esports business.

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